Sunday, October 30, 2016

Understanding and Arranging a Timber Sale: Guidance for Private Woodland Owners

As a forest owner, the time may come when you need to know some basic guidelines pertaining to the sale of timber from your property. Many people acquire woodland with no intention of selling any timber, but eventually someone will knock on your door and offer to buy some of your trees. In the event you decide that cutting some trees might be useful, how do you know the best action to take and the best sequence of events? As a forest owner, you will want to have some basic knowledge of the timber sale process and those who have an interest in your woodland.

Apprehension about a timber sale often results because most owners (i) don't know the value of their timber and don't want to sell too cheaply; (ii) fear their woodlot or forest will be ruined as a result of timber harvesting; or (iii) think that timber harvesting causes environmental damages. While all these fears can be true, you can avoid them through careful planning and selecting competent professionals as service providers. Ultimately, you or your agent needs to control the timber harvest. Sales that are "logger's choice" are rarely in the best interest of the forest owner. Presented August 2007 by Peter Smallidge, Cornell University Cooperative Extension.

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